Talent Bench - Tech Lead / Solutions Architect

  • August 15, 2023

Are you looking for an experienced Tech Lead / Solutions Architect to add to your team? 

We know a professional that will be ending his current contract with a telehealth US-based client next month.
He has a degree in CS and over 19 years of experience. Some of his successful cases include Telehealth platforms, chatbots/Prompts (Chat-GPT), Facial Recognition, Vehicle plate recognition, E-commerce Product recommendation, Web and Mobile software IT scale using Cloud Computing, containers, NoSQL databases, etc.
His strengths include Solutions Architecture, MVP design and development, team building, and leadership, among others. He has experience in various industries, such as Healthcare, Medical, Fintech, and Car Rental. He works with different stacks but just to name a few: Java, Angular, Ionic, Python, Machine Learning, Prompt Engineering, Crawlers, Docker, AWS, Azure, GCP, CI/CD.
He is based in Brazil and available for remote contract work immediately.
You can choose between direct hire or contracting models. We will assist you with all compliance matters for a smooth onboarding process.
Act quickly and arrange a discussion with him by contacting breno.cordeiro@venturatec.com
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