Learn what’s Culture Fit and how to use it to recruit talent

A recruitment and selection process by itself is not easy to do. It requires time, planning, detailed job descriptions, and the need to find the most adherent profile to the organizational culture. But how to choose the most suitable professional so that he stays in the company and builds his career with motivation, engagement, and high performance? In this post, we present what Culture Fit is and how to effectively use and apply this concept in organizations to attract the right talent. Good reading!


What is Culture Fit?

It is the affinity that the candidate has with the way of thinking and acting propagated by the company: the organizational culture. Even when the technical skills are not so advanced, if the professional shares the same opinions and style of the company, surely he will be a strong candidate.


How does this concept work?

Culture Fit analysis is not something that is described in the company’s recruitment and selection manual, as its concept goes much further. It can be discovered in a face-to-face interview or videoconference, as it is closely related to the candidate’s hobbies and lifestyle, taking into account:

  • your personal and professional goals;
  • how do you deal with group activities;
  • your goals for the future;
  • your individual needs.
  • These topics are some of the main ones addressed in an interview by Culture Fit. With these answers, it will be possible to understand if the professional has the same nature transmitted by the company.


How can Culture Fit be used to attract and recruit talent?

With full knowledge of the organizational culture, HR can extract the key characteristics of the company that can make the eyes of the most adhering candidates shine. For this, it is vital that:

  • the job posting is well structured;
  • the selection process is transparent,
  • The company’s website has information about mission, vision, values, ​​and even a little of the daily routine.


What are the benefits for the company?

A professional with Culture Fit is a great advantage for the company because, with this compatibility, the company is favored in several aspects.


Hiring accuracy

If Culture Fit is a significant requirement for hiring, the hit rate improves considerably. Remembering that this should not be the only factor, because HR runs the risk of getting it right in Fit, but raising costs with technical training.


Turnover reduction

Professionals that corroborate the corporate culture feel welcomed in the workplace, as they meet people with the same profile and their characteristics are not in conflict with what the organization promotes, further facilitating their stay and avoiding turnover.


Increased productivity

Culture Fit professionals are engaged, and this feature increases productivity. They feel welcomed in their work environment, producing more and better, which increases profitability and the quality of delivery.


How to apply culture fit in the recruitment process?

In order to be successful applying Culture Fit in your recruitment process, here follow some important topics


Understand the organizational culture

When HR knows the company culture genuinely, it is easy to see the most compatible profile, as the most adhering professionals automatically apply.


Perform tests and dynamics

It is essential to apply profiling tests, which can be administered online, which can present aspects of the candidate’s personality. As this stage cannot be considered eliminatory, it is necessary to perform group dynamics and behavioral tests that point out the leadership profile, teamwork, and reactions through diversity.


Evaluate work history

Analyzing the corporate culture in which the applicant previously worked provides essential information about his or her profile, so performing this step helps qualify the optimal choice.

Knowing what Culture Fit is beyond compatibility. HR must be prepared to create the best strategy and find talent that fits the company’s culture, to establish not only a working relationship but a partnership between talent and leaders.



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