Case Study

Visteon Challenge

Visteon Challenge

Visteon Challenge

We exclusively recruited a full engineering team for Visteon Multinational Automobile. The company is in the Fortune 500, has 22 offices worldwide, and has transitioned from Auto Parts Industry to Industry 4.0.

The challenge was complicated, as it involved hiring large numbers of technical professionals as a short-term workforce for an innovative global project, from Program Manager and Engineering Manager to Test and Development and Requirements professionals. Everyone must have advanced English and a willingness to get started quickly. The client was looking for an innovative and robust form of recruitment that was simple, fast, and effective.


Ventura Tec Solution


We designed a solution that involved acting on several fronts:

  • We spread across all our social networks, specific channels, and ad partners.
  • We use unique headhunting software that allows us to find professional contacts faster and increases approach speed by up to 3x. Transparency was an important point, as we worked in partnership with the client’s Engineering and People team, which had real-time access to each candidate’s status.
  • Teca, our headhunter robot, has allowed us to approach high-profile profiles daily on social media, increasing our candidate funnel.
  • The rapid construction of a candidate relationship network has enabled us to deliver quantity and quality simultaneously.
  • A team of 4 professionals (headhunters and secretaries) actively participated in the interviews and calls with candidates. We focused on creating a great candidate experience so that everyone approached had 100% process transparency, and retention increased.
  • More significant dedication of our team’s time, some working exclusively on this project, resulting in faster salary negotiations and interview schedules, considering that time was a critical factor in the success of the project.



The exclusivity granted by the client facilitated the agile execution of the work. We assisted the company in recruiting the entire engineering team for the project on time, while considering not only technical skills, but cultural fit with the company. Professionals and clients were pleased to start a new contract on a significant pioneering and global project.


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